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SUSTOUKA Project within SWITCH-Asia Grants Programme

SUSTOUKA Project is framed within SWITCH-Asia Grants Programme. SWITCH-Asia Grants Programme is funded by the European Union and its main objective is to fund pilot projects helping companies to adopt cleaner technologies and more sustainable industrial practices, as well as helping consumers to act more responsibly in their daily choices and lifestyles.

Since its launch in 2007, this EU programme has funded projects across a wide range of sectors (agri-food and fishing sectors, energy in industrial plants and houses, tourism, textiles and leather, logistics and freight) indirectly benefiting up to 80,000 micro, small and medium-sized entreprises.

SWITCH-Asia Grants Programme work summarizes in more than 130 projects funded in Asia over a period of 14 years and implemented by over 500 Asian and European Partners.  In line with the new ambitions of the EU in terms of green transition, the Grant Scheme of the programme will focus (but not exclusively) on the external dimension of the EU Green Deal and its focus areas, such as sustainable food-systems and cicurlar economy.

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If you want learn more about SWITCH-Asia Mission, play the video.

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