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The global objective of the SUSTOUKA Project is to accelerate the transformation of Kazakhstan into a green economy by enhancing the sustainability and competitiveness of a key sector for the country, its Tourism Sector, through increasing environmental awareness and introducing appropriate SCP Practices in the Tourist Accommodation Sector of the country. This transformation will be a path to generate growth, create new jobs and reduce the poverty.

The SUSTOUKA Project aims at improving the SCP performance of the Tourist Accommodation Sector of Kazakhstan. In order to achieve this goal, SUSTOUKA will:

  • Equip Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) of the Tourist Accommodation Sector of Kazakhstan with the necessary knowledge and tools to embrace opportunities for green business development.
  • Promote green consumption and better informed public and private consumers by elaborating practical guides and developing awareness raising campaigns.
  • Provide more efficient SCP policies in order to minimise the environmental impacts of the Tourist Accommodation Sector of Kazakhstan.
  • Increase access to green financing for the MSMEs of the Tourist Accommodation Sector.

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