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Stakeholders´ meeting to develop Sustainable Tourism in Kazakhstan and adapt Travelife system

On 23rd February 2021, a round table was organised and delivered to discuss how to develop further the tourism industry in Kazakhstan, keeping high on the agenda the preservation of the environment, people’s cultural identity, and adapting the Travelife certification programme to the country’s needs.

The meeting was divided into three sessions and was attended by experts, specialists and stakeholders working on environmental management, socio-economic and cultural aspects, and nature conservation. The following topics were addressed during the sessions:

  • Opportunities for developing tourism and preserving the environment;
  • Maintaining the authenticity of tourist products;
  • Improving work standards and adapting European standards to Kazakhstan’s market;
  • Developing and implementing environmental standards;
  • Awareness raising and promoting tourism culture;
  • Increasing services provided to people with disabilities;
  • Measures for adapting the Travelife sustainability certification system in the context of Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan’s strength as a tourism destination lies in its natural and cultural heritage, and historical assets. During this meeting, stakeholders took into account all the elements needed to promote the country as a successful sustainable tourism destination targeted to both local residents and foreign tourists. The attractiveness for local residents to work in the tourism sector without affecting their usual way of life was also addressed. The event closed with the general consensus that sustainable tourism is fundamental for both the people and the planet. Sustainable development is about using resources in a way that they are allowed to regenerate fully, giving future generations access to the same resources we enjoy today. Through the promotion of SCP in tourism, the SUSTOUKA Project is directly working towards this objective.

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