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Capacity building to facilitate access to Green Finance for MSMEs by involving financial institutions

The implementation of state policy in the field of “Green Economy” is today one of the main important directions of State policy. A green economy is characterized by the careful and rational use of natural resources for the benefit of present and future generations. Financial institutions play a crucial role on boosting the implementation of sustainable practices within the tourism sector.

Therefore, on February 18, the consortium of the SUSTOUKA Project held an online capacity building session entitled “Green finance in the Republic of Kazakhstan – how to facilitate access to green finance for MSMEs by involving financial institutions” for representatives of financial institutions. You are all incited to view the online meeting with financial institutions interested in green financing of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Successful cases of green financing schemes were presented to representatives of the financial sector. They got acquainted with the possibilities of green financing and potential benefits for the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as with current and future activities of the SUSTOUKA Project.

The program was attended by:

• Representative of Damu Entrepreneurship Development Fund JSC, Saule Kairgalievna Abisheva, Director of the Department of Subsidies, presented programs for the implementation of state policy in the field of Green Economy.

• Nagima Ayubaeva, Senior Business Officer of the AIFC Green Finance Center, who spoke about approaches to the development and regulation of green finance in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

• Evgeny Mukhamedzhanov, Founder of Econetwork shared successful green finance cases.

• Tatyana Khodorovskaya, Manager of the ALE “Kazakhstan Association of Hotels and Restaurants” with a presentation of the European project “Implementation of sustainable consumption practices and schemes for sustainable development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the tourism sector in Kazakhstan – SUSTOUKA”.

• Zaytuna Akhiyarova, Director of the Certification Center of the Hospitality Industry KAGIR with a presentation of the next steps within the SUSTOUKA project.

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