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Webinar to reduce single use plastics

On 2nd September 2020, a webinar was conducted within the initial times of the SUSTOUKA Project in order to raise awareness about a current relevant problem: the incredible amount of single use plastics used nowadays. The 20 participants who received this course came from the diverse accommodation establishments and tour operators of Kazakhstan.

Firstly, the participants of the webinar were introduced to the single use plastic problem and its significant increase in the times of COVID pandemic due to the extremely high quantity of gloves, masks and other products that are used against coronavirus. Moreover, the world trends and some initiatives working on plastic reduction (EU Plastics Strategy and Global Tourism Plastic Inititative) were discussed, along with the actions of the single-use-plastic fighting company “Travel withour plastic”.

The second part of the webinar was focused on the actions of the tourist industry on single use plastic reduction. Some straighforward solutions to reduce single use plastics were provided during this part of the webinar, which can be applied without any investments and minimise the plastic consumption of the accommodations and tourist agents. At last, Travelife certification system was presented to the stakeholders, together with some sustainability training for accommodation establishments and tour operators.

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