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Tourism recovery after Coronavirus pandemic

On 14th August 2020, the first activity of the SUSTOUKA Project was held. This online webinar addressed the coronavirus effect on the tourism industry and how to recover quickly and correctly after the pandemic that was completely changing our usual way of life.

This first session was divided in two relevant parts:

  • Introduction to the objectives and actions of the SUSTOUKA Project, as well as the Travelife certification system.
  • Help businesses to recover quickly after the COVID pandemic, preparing these organisations for post-pandemic travellers´ expectations and fears.

Firstly, an overview of the SUSTOUKA Project was given through a presentation of the background, objectives, methodology and results of the project while presenting its partners and its timeline. Travelife certification was introduced to participants due to the importance of this certification system within the SUSTOUKA Project.

On the second part of the session, the significant effects of the coronavirus pandemic on tourism were shown through an analysis of its state before, during and after the pandemic time. The tourist expectations and tourism trends to previous and future travels were addressed, as well as guides and tips were provided in order to promote sustainability marketing and benefits of the accommodation establishments and tour operators.

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