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SUSTOUKA and Oy Karagai enlighten on Knowledge Day

Happy Knowledge Day, dear friends!

It is a pleasure to show you a video on September 1, which can be considered a video-lesson on the topic of education in the field of eco-tourism:

«Hello, everyone!

My name is Maya Leonova.

I am the head of the promotion and PR department of the mountain resort-hotel Oy Karagai.

Our resort turned 12 years old this year. During the whole history of the resort, we are partners of the Kazakhstan Tourist Association and the Kazakhstan Association

of Hotels and Restaurants.

It’s important to go together and look in the same direction. We have a lot of points of intersection in the SUSTOUKA Project. I mean green technology and

the development of eco-tourism. Our village in the trees is in the top 10 of the best eco-hotels in the world. And the office right behind me was the winner in the category “The greenest office in Kazakhstan” in 2020.»

The SUSTOUKA project is funded by the European Union under the SWITCH-Asia Programme and promotes green financing in Kazakhstan’s tourism sector.

The Project is implemented by:

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